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Cosmic Chain Necklace

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Cosmic Chain Necklace

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Cosmic Chain Necklace

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Cosmic Chain Necklace using beautiful Swarovski crystal hearts and chain maille rings. Also available in silver! 

Step 1

Begin your piece by connecting the following rings together. 

1x4mm, 1x4mm 2x4mm. Keep adding 1x6mm and 1x8mm connecting them together with 2x4mm rings. Continue this pattern until you have 15" length. Attach a 4mm ring and a lobster clasp to finish. 

Step 2

(Optional) Go back across the length and add a secondary layer to the 6mm and 8mm rings if you wish. The design still works without it!

Step 3

Find your central ring in the length you just made, lay out 8 rings to form a row underneath. These should be in the 6mm, 8mm pattern. Attach these to the rings above using 2 x 4mm jumprings. Add another layer of rings on top of the 6mm and 8mm. 

Step 4

Continue adding rows of rings, decreasing each layer by 1 ring. Make sure to connect each ring to the rings in the row above. Ensure you add the secondary layer of rings to each row. 

Step 5

Attach your Swarovski crystal hearts using rings (for the small crystals up the side) and a bail for the large Swarovski heart.