Coral Pearl Necklace |

Coral Pearl Necklace

Step 1

First put the sead beads, pearl and Swarovski bicones onto the eyepins and close the eyepins by making a loop. You should end up with three. two with Bicones as the feature and one with the pearl. use jump rings to attach these together. 

Step 2

Now use some thread and go though the seed beads and bicones in a pattern this should come to approximately 95mm long. Do this again for the other side. snip your eyepin down to about 10mm long and try to put it in either end of your threaded beads tie the thread to the eyepin for extra security. 

Step 3

Now use jump rings to make a chain this can be as long as short as you like. Finish it off with a lobster clasp. 

Step 4

Attach your threaded section to your chain to make a layered effect. Half way through your chain you can choose to put a Swarovski bicone in too to add a little more sparkle.