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Continuous Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet

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Designed by: Kleshna


Kleshna's Kumihimo Continuous Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet | Create and Craft

Step 1


Cut 8 lengths of approx 80 – 100 cm of S-Lon Thread 

OPTIONAL – I like to use a guide thread for the middle and use the Silken Rats tail that we sell to match one of the thread of S-Lon. I find it gives a more substantial core to the piece and therefore a better more professional looking finished item -  but I stress it is OPTIONAL.

Step 2

Tie all threads and if using the cord include it in an overhand knot about 4 cm down from the end.

Step 3

Take up Kumihimo wheel and arrange threads around the wheel starting at putting two threads either side of number ‘8’ and number ‘24’ number ‘32’ and number ‘16’.

Step 4

On the ends of each thread put 27  beads then do a slip knot and wind around the open bobbin including beads randomly along each thread.  Leave around 10 cm of thread with no beads on it at the end of each bobbin and click them all shut.

Step 5


I am going to use the term ‘PASS’ by this I mean putting 1. of the threaded bobbins from 1. side of the wheel to another.

Step 6

Make 80 PASSES of thread to create the tail before starting to bead.  If using the ‘Core Method’ then ensure that you do not cross the threads across the core just move it out of the way as you weave.

Step 7

Drop 1 bead into and under each previous thread on each PASS until all beads are used up then do another 80 passes to form end tail before finishing off.

Step 8


Check the inside length of the tube end by putting a pencil or alternative item that fits inside it to gauge the length of it and then sew around the end of chord before cutting it.  Then wrap additional S-Lon around the chord end to create snug fit before using glue like FEVI KWIK which I have found to be a miracle at sticking it.   Once you have achieved a snug fit, glue and put ends on and leave so that the glue can cure.