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Clarity Bracelet

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Clarity Bracelet

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Preciosa Twin Hole Seed Beads Silver Lined Pink 2.5x5mm 10g
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KO Beading Thread White 50m
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X Beadalon Big Eye Needle 57mm (2.25") Pk4
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X Silver Plated 5 Strand Curved Rectangle Clasp 17x8mm Pk1
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Clarity Bracelet

Difficulty: Expert


Why not experiment with the Clarity Bracelet design and choose your own 3 colours of twin hole beads? 

Step 1

Place a jumpring on each loop of the clasp. Knot the end of a long length of KO Thread to the 2nd jumping on the clasp. Thread the big eye needle with the other end of the thread.

Step 2

Thread twin hole beads in alternate colours until required length is reached (colours A and B)

Step 3

Turn the piece around and work the next row alternating already threaded colour B and new colour C. Knot to the next jumpring attached to the clasp at the end of the row.

Step 4

Continue as in the diagram.

Step 5

When all rows of twin hole beads are completed, finish the end 2 rows using a single hole seed bead in each existing gap.

Step 6

Attach other end of the bracelet to the clasp using KO thread and knot.