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City Life White Bangle

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What you will need...
1x Gold Plated Bangle Base [CH159]
1x Rhodium Plated Cupchain Topaz Acrylic Crystal [CH179]
1x White Suede Cord [TC441]
Step 1 . Cut a piece of cupchain. The cupchain should contain a total of 36 crystal cups. Cut a piece of suede cord measuring 1meter. Fold suede cord in half and place in the gap between the 1st and 2nd cup, on bracelet bar. 
Step 2. Secure by tying a knot on the underside. 
Step 3. Starting with one cord, wrap in an anti-clockwise direction going between each cup. 
Step 4. Keep going until the last cup. 
Step 5. Tie the cord to secure the end. 
Step 6. Start wrapping the other half of the cord tightly but go in the opposite direction this time (clockwise so it crosses over). 
Step 7. Keep wrapping until you reach the last cup. Undo the original knot (from step 5). 
Step 8. Secure by tying both pieces of suede together in a tight knot on the underside. 
Step 9. Trim off all excess suede cord (for extra security add a dab of nail varnish).
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