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City Life Red Bangle

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Difficulty: Intermediate


 Tutorial on how to make the 'City Life Red' Bangle.
City Life instructions

Step 1

Cut a piece of cupchain. The cupchain should contain a total of 36 crystal cups. Cut a piece of suede cord measuring 1meter. Fold suede cord in half and place in the gap between the 1st and 2nd cup, on bracelet bar. 


Step 2

Secure by tying a knot on the underside. 

Step 3

Starting with one cord, wrap in an anti-clockwise direction going between each cup.

Step 4

Keep going until the last cup.

Step 5

Tie the cord to secure the end. 

Step 6

Start wrapping the other half of the cord tightly but go in the opposite direction this time (clockwise so it crosses over).

Step 7

Keep wrapping until you reach the last cup. Undo the original knot (from step 5).

Step 8

Secure by tying both pieces of suede together in a tight knot on the underside.

Step 9

Trim off all excess suede cord (for extra security add a dab of nail varnish).