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City Life Blue Bracelet

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What you will need...

1x Gold Coloured PVC Tubing with Grove [TC643]
1x Rhodium Plated Cupchain Turquoise [CH162]
1x Turquoise Satin Cord [TC496]
1x Natural Dyed Turquoise Stone [EX2698]
Step 1. Cut your PVC Tubing to your required length.
Step 2. Place your cupchain in the centre of the PVC Tubing. Cut off the excess chain.
Step 3. Create a loop with your satin cord and tie a knot. This loop will hold the bracelet together. Wrap over the knot on to the PVC Tubing. Wrap the cord around the PVC Tubing (and the knot) several times until the knot is completely hidden.
Step 4. Wrap your cord around the PVC Tubing. You will need 3 wraps in between each crystal. Continue wrapping until you have reached the end of the PVC Tubing.
Step 5. Loop the thread back through itself to secure it.Tie a knot, thread on your round bead and tie a knot approx. 3cm from the original knot.
Your bracelet is now ready to wear