Make these chunky chain lycra wrap bracelets using items from the spring sale. |

Chunky Chain Sale Make Bracelets

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Chunky Chain Sale Make Bracelets

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Metallic Beige Lycra Ribbon Cord 30mm Pre Cut 1 Metre
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Chunky Chain Sale Make Bracelets

Difficulty: Beginner


Stuck with what you can do with Chunky chain? Why not make this easy and quick to make wrap bracelet. Please note: the silver chain is no longer available. 

Step 1

Cut the Lycra Cord in half (you can make 2 x triple wrap bracelets)

Step 2

Then stretch the cord so that it will curl up.

Step 3

Cut 5 links off your chain (split the 6th link so you have 5 nice ones)

Step 4

Loop the Lycra cord onto your curb chain and through the round bead (if you want one on),  tie a knot to hold.

Step 5

Wrap the cord around twice so there is a strip above and below the chain and then tie off the end to the other end of the curb chain.