Chocolate Gold Candy Bubble Bracelet

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Chocolate Gold Candy Bubble Bracelet using 8mm and 10mm Rose Quartz Round Beads.  

Step 1

Measure around 7" of chain and attach a jumpring to each end. 

Step 2

Open the jumpring on one end and thread the lobster clasp onto it. Close the jumpring. 

Step 3

Thread a smaller sized pearl onto a headpin and curl the end into a spiral so that the end of the headpin is on the inside of the spiral.

Step 4

Thread a larger sized pearl onto an eyepin and curl the other end so that it can be hooked and closed onto the chain of the bracelet.

Step 5

Repeat the steps using around 30 pearl beads, alternating between the larger and the smaller pearls.