Chocolate Cosmos Flower Bracelet |

Chocolate Cosmos Flower Bracelet

Step 1

Cut a 30cm length of wire from your findings kit. On one end, thread on a calotte and then a crimp bead approx 10cm down the wire. Thread the end of the wire back through the calotte (missing the crimp bead). Squash the crimp bead and close the calotte over it.

Step 2

Thread two gold 2mm beads onto your main wire and over the tail wire too. Follow this with a chocolate brown rondelle and another two gold beads. Now add a flower bead. Repeat this pattern until you have used 7 flower beads or have reached your desired length.

Step 3

Finish your beads with two gold beads, a rondelle and two more gold beads. Take the end of the wire and thread on a calotte and a crimp bead. Pass the end back through the crimp bead and some of your bead work. Pull tightly so that the beads fit close to the end. Squash the crimp bead and close the calotte over the crimp. Feed the tail end of your wire back into the design to hide it, trimming any excess.

Step 4

Close the loops of the calottes on both ends of your bracelet. Open a pair of jumprings and attach each half of the toggle clasp to the calottes. Open another jumpring and attach the smiley face emoji charm to the loop of the calotte.