Chocolate Bow Bracelet

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Designed by: Sarah Millsop

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Chocolate Bow Bracelet using Chocolate Gold Findings and Pearls.

Step 1

Cut approx 17cm of thread and attach one end to a Calotte. Use Glue to secure.

Step 2

Thread a Rose Gold crimp bead onto the thread followed by a Pearl. Repeat this 6 times.

Step 3

Thread the bow charm on to the thread and repeat step 2 another 6 times.

Step 4

Trim the end and cover with another Calotte. Use Glue to secure.

Step 5

Attach a lobster clasp to one of the Calottes using a Jumpring.

Step 6

Thread a crimp bead onto an eye pin. Trim and loop around the end Calotte.