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Chip Feature Bracelet

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Chip Feature Bracelet

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Chip Feature Bracelet

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Keep it trendy, quick and simple! Learn how to make a Chip Feature Bracelet using pretty purple glass chip beads.  Follow our step by step by step tutorial to make your bracelet!

Step 1

Take an eyepin from your findings kit and string approximately 8 chip beads. Create a loop at the end of the eyepin and attach a jumpring to each side.

Step 2

Open the links of the chain and set aside two pieces that measure approximately 2.5inches. You may need to adjust this length depending on your wrist size.

Step 3

Attach each piece of chain to either side of the eyepin, using the jumprings you just added.

Step 4

Attach another pair of jumprings to the end of the chain. On one side connect it to a lobster clasp. For the other jumpring, create another beaded headpin with just 2 chips this time, make a loop and attach it to a separate jumpring. Then attach this to the jumpring of opposite the lobster clasp to finish your bracelet.