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'Chic Biker' Cuff

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'Chic Biker' Cuff

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Black Felt Square Beading Foundation 9"x9" For Soutache Pk1
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'Chic Biker' Cuff

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this 'Chic Biker' Cuff using Seed Beads and Swarovski Pearls.

Step 1

Optional - to allow for different head sizes, cut a length of rose gold chain (about 10cm) and attach this to the jump ring to create an extender that will allow resizing later if needed.

Step 2

Mark up the centre lengthwise to place the spikes. Then measure the  centre of the cuff and, from there, measure the other side.  The centre of the cuff can be foundat 2cm (H) and 9cm  (L).

Step 3

Whenever you start a new thread, make sure to tie the knot so it does not pull through the foundation. A double overhand knot should be fine.

Step 4

When attaching the spikes to the beading foundation, use a few drops of Fevi Kwik glue to fix them onto the marked places on the cuff.  To secure each spike further, thread your needle and first go through one of the holes that can be found at the base of spike and then though the foundation.  Then go through the second hole and again the foundation, continuing to alternate between each hole and the foundation to strengthen the attachment of each spike.

Step 5

Working on the side of the spike first, pick up 1 Miyuki square bead and attach it with some glue next to the spike. With some thread, go through the square bead twice, the proceed to pick up another square bead, fixing it immediately below the first, and going through it with a thread twice. At this point, you will need to go down through the foundation and up through BOTH beads. This is called backstitching.  Do the same on the other side, so that you have 2 square beads on both sides of the spike.  Attach 5 square beads across the top and bottom rows, so we are making a 5 x 4 rectangle surrounding the spikes. 

Step 6

Pick up a 4mm Swarovski pearl and attach on the centre of a side (any will do) of the centre spike.  Go through it twice to make it secure.
Pick up 2 seed beads (frosted black) and start backstitching around the pearl (as close as possible) in a half circle. Do 3 rows around the pearl and continue this process on all the sides around the spike.

Step 7

Pick up another pearl and attach it right in between 2 half circles, and pick up 2 seed beads and start backstitching around this pearl - 2 rows this time. Continue this all around the spike again.
Continue this with the rest of the spikes.

Step 8

Pick up another pearl and attach it at the edge of the cuff (between spike 2 and 3) and pick up 2 seed beads and start backstitching around this – 3 rows. Continue across on other side of the cuff and same process between spike 3 and 4.

Step 9

Optional: Pick up a square bead and attach it at the edge between spike 1 and 2, then pick up another square bead and attach it to the other side, still between spike 1 and 2. Attach another 2 square beads at the edge between spike 4 and 5 (one bead at each side).

Step 10

Optional: Pick up a square bead and attach it between spike 2 and 3. Attach another between spike 3 and 4.

Step 11

Start at one end of the cuff and start backstitching using the seed beads. Stitch across the cuff. In some areas, it is difficult to keep to a straight line but just fill out the rest with the black seed beads.

Step 12

Time for the fun bit! Trim around the edges of your cuff as close to the edges of the beading WITHOUT cutting any thread.  Once done, add some glue to the back of the cuff (not too close to the edge) and then attach it to the felt and leave it to dry.

Step 13

Once dried, trim off the felt as in the previous step. Don't worry if the glue seems to have dried through the felt. This will be fixed later.

Step 14

Now for the finish! Make sure you have plenty of thread for a single bead edging all around the cuff. Pick up a frosted seed bead, place it on the side of the cuff and, with the thread, go through the felt and foundation and lastly the bead. Pull tight. Pick up another bead, place it next to the bead you've just attached, and go through felt, foundation and the new bead again. Pull tight and repeat this process all the way around the cuff, then tie of the thread between the beadwork.

Step 15

To add the clasp, start a thread between the beads, hiding the knot as best you can,  and go out through one of the beads you just added in the edging. Pick up a square bead and 3 seed beads (frost or shiny), then go through the first ring on the clasp. Pick up another 3 seed beads and go back down through the square bead. Come out through an edge-bead next to the one you started from.  Reinforce a few times.  Continue the process till all 5 rings are attached on one side. Make sure they are evenly attached, then tie off your thread and hide the knot in the beadwork.

Step 16

Repeat the last step with the clasp on the other side. NOTE: Make sure you attach the clasp at the same height on both sides.