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Chevron Necklace

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Chevron Necklace

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Pink Hemp Semi Waxed Braiding Cord 1.5mm 10metre
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TOHO™ / Treasure 11/0 / Ceylon Frosted / Snowflake / 5g
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TOHO™ / Treasure 11/0 / Citrus / Spritz / 5g
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TOHO™ / Treasure 11/0 / Transparent / Frosted / Peridot / 5g
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TOHO™ / Treasure 11/0 / Transparent / Green Emerald / 5g
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Miyuki™ / nylon thread / 330dtex / colour 2 - off white / 50m
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Information about project:

Chevron Necklace

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create your own graduated necklace using cord and beaded carrier beads and peyote embellishments. What colour will you choose? 

Products needed:
TOHO™ Treasure Beads OR Miyuki Delica Beads 
8x6mm Magnetic Clasp (Inner 3mm)
Braiding Cord 1.5mm
Carrier Duo Beads
Beading Thread

Step 1

To begin, you will need to bead 5 strips of even-count peyote to attach to 5 of your carrier duo beads. 

Follow the step by steps on the project sheet (click the download button below) and apply the even-count peyote technique to the two patterns in the image visible on this step 1. Create 4 x of the 1st pattern and 1 of the 2nd pattern on the image. Apply your seed bead colours to the similar matching tones on the pattern. 

Download your technique sheet

Step 1

Step 2

Once you have made 5 strips of peyote, sew them closed as instructed in your project sheet and fit them onto your 5 carrier duo beads. We used a drop or two of glue on the front and back of the carrier bead to secure the peyote in place. 

Step 3

Take your leather cord and cut 3 lengths of leather. Cut one measuring 30" long. Cut the next measuring 28" long and the final length measuring 26" long. You will get a chance to alter these slightly at the end of your design before you glue on your clasp.

Step 4

Next, take a new length of thread and pick up 22 of your darkest purple seed beads. Use the same even count peyote technique as before and make a strip of peyote, 22 beads across and 4 rows tall. Sew this to the centre point of your shortest length of leather cord.

Step 1

Step 5

Take a new length of thread and make a small strip of peyote using your silver and dark purple beads (see top half of the image). Make this 4 beads across and 6 rows tall. Repeat this and make another. Don't sew these 2 strips closed.

Take another length of thread and make a small version of the long purple peyote strip you made in the last step. Make this 6 beads across and 4 beads tall (see image). Sew this to the centre point of your middle length of leather cord.

Step 1

Step 6

Finally, sew 2 x small rings of beads. Take a short length of thread and pick up 6 seed beads. Sew around the circle again and knot the two ends of thread together. Sew around a couple more times and trim off the excess thread. You may want to reinforce these small circles with a little glue so they don't unravel. 

Step 1

Step 7

Add your carrier beads and the 2 small rings that you made in the last step, onto your leather cords as shown in the image. Of the 4 strips you made from the 1st pattern, these patterns will face opposite ways as shown in the image here, pointing downwards to meet the centre carrier bead with the different pattern. The top leather cord is the shortest, the middle cord is the middle length and the bottom cord is the longest length. 

Step 1

Step 8

Bring all 3 lengths of leather together at one end and sew one of your silver and purple strips closed around the 3 together. You will still be able to pull and adjust the leather cords through this. Repeat this at the other end of the necklace, sewing the strip onto all 3 cords.

Step 1

Step 9

Adjust your leather cords and once you are happy with the positioning of your necklace, trim the ends of the cords to the same length (if they aren't already) and glue on your magnetic clasp. 

If your cords are too thin for the magnetic clasp, try adding more glue or wrapping some thread around the end of the cords to thicken it. Glue this thread to the leather before gluing it into the clasp. 

If you want to make more strips of peyote to hold your 3 cords together, you can still make them after adding your clasp. Simply sew them around the 3 cords where you want them positioned.