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Cherry Blossom - French Beaded Flowers Tutorial

Information about project:

Cherry Blossom - French Beaded Flowers Tutorial

Designed by: Sarah Millsop

Difficulty: Beginner


A simple, three-flower blossom group works beautifully by itself as a little cluster stem. These would be ideal for brooches, button holes or small singular flowers as jewellery embellishments. However if you would like a long arching stem of flowers for display, create lots of these three-flower groups then attach each one onto a stiffer wire or even a natural branch. You might need to refer to Basic Shape Projects – Wraparound Loops & Continuous Loops. Lets Create!

Materials required:
Craft Wire – (approx 28 gauge)
Pale pink seed beads - Preciosa Rocaille or TOHO Seed Beads
Dark pink seed beads (optional) - Preciosa Rocaille or TOHO Seed Beads
Green seed beads - Preciosa Rocaille or TOHO Seed Beads
Wire Cutters
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Beading Board
Bead Spinner
Florist tape – brown or green
Ruler or tape measure

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Remember that our tutorials are mainly designed to teach you technique and bring inspiration, so your jewellery doesn't have to look exactly like the one in the tutorial. Don't be afraid to experiment with shapes and colours.

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Designed by Sarah Millsop - 2017