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Chaton Macrame Bracelet

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Chaton Macrame Bracelet

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6228 Swarovski Crystal Hearts 10mm Siam Pk2
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Gold Plated Jump Rings 6mm 0.8mm Thick Pk50
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Rhodium Plated Bracelet Base Holds 15x SS39(8mm) Chatons 15.5cm Pk1
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Cream 0.7mm Satin Cord 5 Metres
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Bonny™ / crystal glass / rivoli / 8mm / Siam Ruby / 14pcs
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Information about project:

Chaton Macrame Bracelet

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Intermediate


Items required:

Bracelet Base
8mm Crystals
Jump Rings
Heart Charms

Follow Leah's step by step project and make your own gorgeous little macrame bracelet.
The gold plated base adds a little more bling and some stability to this little gem of a bracelet. 

Step 1

Set your crystals into the base and carefully close the prongs to secure them in place. Cut approximately 50cm of braiding cord. To make braiding easier, secure your bracelet base onto a beading/macramé board.

Step 2

Fold the cord in half and glue the centre onto the end of the bracelet base to secure it in place. Now you can start to square knot around each base. Start your macramé knotting by following these images.

- Take your right-hand cord and pass it over the middle two cords.
- Next, take your left-hand cord and place it over the right cord. Move the left cord under the centre cord and up through the middle of the loop on the right side.
- Pull the threads to finish one knot.

Step 1

Step 3

Now to finish the knot, move onto the next setting and repeat this process on the opposite side starting by crossing the left-hand cord over the middle cords. Continue until you have finished braiding the bracelet base.

Step 4

Tie a knot to finish and secure in place with glue, trim off any excess cord. To attach your braiding cord onto your bracelet loops. Cut approximately 40cm of cord and thread through the loop of the bracelet base to the center. Do the same for both sides.

Step 5

If your bracelet is the right length for your wrist size, you can finish off with a sliding knot (see step 7). Alternatively, if you wanted to make your bracelet longer you can continue with your square knots.

Step 6

Cut approximately 40cm of cord and create 5 full square knots or to your desired length, making sure you consider the length of your sliding knot, carefully apply a tiny drop of glue where the tail threads come out from the knot and trim any excess cord, repeat the other side.

Step 7

To start your sliding knot, take the four ends of the centre cords, lay them side by side and then do a macramé braid (0.5-1 inch) for your sliding knot. Secure the ends with a drop of glue, being careful not to glue the sliding knot to the centre cords running through it (otherwise it will not be able to slide and adjust). Try gently pulling the centre cords through the sliding knot while the glue dries.
Trim the ends so the sliding knot is neat.

Step 8

To attach the hearts onto your bracelet, place the hearts onto your jump ring and close the jump ring. Place the jump ring through one of the ends of cord on your bracelet and tie a knot. Tie a knot for the other cord end.  Secure in place using glue. Repeat this on the other end of your bracelet.