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Chameleon Kumihimo Bracelet

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Chameleon Kumihimo Bracelet

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Rattail Earth Tones 2mm 4 Colours 4x3yds
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Silver Plated Snap On Disk Golden Crystal 20mm Pk1
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Chameleon Kumihimo Bracelet

Difficulty: Expert


Add a new twist to your snap-on bracelet by creating a beaded kumihimo braid.

Step 1

Cut 4 strands of s-lon cord and 4 strands of rattail cord (using the warm brown colours from the mix) approx. 3 times the length you'd like your finished bracelet to measure. Knot the cords together creating 8 ends. Place the knot through the hole in the centre of the braiding board. Spread the cords, placing one strand either side of each dot on the board. The 4 strands of s-lon and the 4 strands of rattail should be opposite each other so all the rattail sits horizontally and all the s-lon is vertical.

Step 2

Thread approx. 50 firepolished beads on to each strand of s-lon. Place the same colour on diagonally opposite strands. Turn the braiding board over and wrap each cord into its own no-tangle bobbin. You may want to add a weight to the knot to help your braid pull downwards as you work.

Step 3

You should have a cord either side of dot 32. Rotate the board so you are holding this dot at the top. Take the cord from the notch to the left of dot 16 (at the bottom) and move it straight upwards to the notch to the left of the two cords at the top. You will now have 3 cords at the top and one at the bottom. Now take the cord furthest right at the top and bring it down to the right of the remaining bottom cord. Turn the braiding board 90 degrees counter-clockwise and repeat the same process, moving the bottom left cord to the top left, and the top right cord to the bottom right. Repeat until you have created a few centimetres of un-beaded braid.

Step 4

Now bring a bead down the next s-lon cord you work with. Place it all the way to the bottom of the cord. You will find that it sits under the cord you used last. Repeat this until you have added 6 beads. Now continue braiding without beads until you have used every cord twice. When you reach this point add 6 beads again. Braid using this pattern until you have completed approx. 16cm in length (you may wish to adjust this to suit your wrist size, this should fit around your wrist allowing for the snap on clasp). Now you need to create enough un-beaded braid to make the loop around your snap clasp.

Step 5

Once you have braided around 6-7cm (checking that it will fit around the button) add another 6 beads and then continue braiding in the pattern as in step 4 until you match the length of the other beaded section.

Step 6

 Remove cords from the notches and knot together so the braid doesn’t unravel. Now wrap some cotton or thread tightly around the braid just below the knot, and sew through the braid a couple of times to make sure it is securely fastened. When you are happy that you have secured the braid; take some sharp scissors and cut off the knot.

Step 7

Fold the bracelet in half, your 6-7cm un-beaded braid should be in the centre. Push this loop firmly through the slider. To complete, glue each end into the clasp using fevi kwik, and leave to dry.