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Chain Maille Magic Bracelet

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Chain Maille Magic Bracelet

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Toho Size 6 Round Seed Beads Silver-Lined Grey 10g (6R29B)
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Silver Beadalon Artistic Wire Chain Maille Rings 20ga 7/64" 2.78mm Pk110
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Chain Maille Magic Bracelet

Difficulty: Expert


Learn how to make this Chain Maille Magic Bracelet using our instructions or online here

Step 1

Prepare by opening some black rings and closing silver rings. Connect a closed silver ring to a paperclip, add an open silver ring, and close it. Add an open black ring, leaving it open for now. Add two closed silver rings and close the black ring,

Step 2

Spread the two silver rings just added apart, so they sit side by side. Take an open black ring through the two rings by going down through the right ring and up through the left ring. Before you close this black ring, add another 2 closed silver rings,

Step 3

Repeat step 2 until you have reached the length you’d like half your bracelet to be, allowing for the size of the clasp and the filigree,


Step 4

Use black rings to create your outer row. Prepare first by opening some black rings and adding a seed bead to each ring. Now take a ring with an added bead and go through the first two rings on the edge of your bracelet. Repeat this, going two by two. Each ring should sit on top of the previous ring, and you should position the beads neatly as you go.


Step 5

Turn your bracelet over and repeat step 4, but this time each new ring will sit behind the last ring added. Now repeat steps 1-5 to create the other half of your bracelet. For more help and detailed instructions on European 4-in1 weave visit our YouTube Channel Beads Direct TV (link to for a video tutorial or try the Beadalon basics chain maille book (PRODUCT CODE: BOOK76)  for detailed step by step instructions,

Step 6

To finish, add an open ring to each of the last two silver rings you added and attach to the filigree. Do this on both sides. Finally open the ring attached to the paperclip on each side. Remove the paperclip and add the clasp to either side.