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Ceramic & Rose Gold Bracelet

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Information about Ceramic & Rose Gold Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this beautiful multi-strand bracelet.  The ceramic elements used have a pearlescent shimmer from a delicate pink to a gentle rose colour that errs on the side of a lilac shade. Clear pearlescent 11/0 seed beads have been added between the ceramic beads to help ease the movement on the thread. The colours are then complimented by the addition of the rose gold elements and findings.

To complete this project you will need to know how to create a loop for connecting elements of the design.

Step 1

Cut the required length of the diamond cut chain and add a jump ring to each end and attach one end onto a lobster clasp using another jump ring. Cut a piece of tiger tail twice the length of the bracelet plus 2” and then cut the tiger tail in half.

Step 2

Take one of the tiger tail lengths and thread 1” through a calotte. Thread a spare seed bead on to the tiger tail and thread back through the calotte.  Pull the tiger tail tight and close the calotte around the seed bead and attach a jump ring to the end of the calotte and attach this onto your clasp.

Step 3

Thread the tiger tail with 4mm seamless rounds leaving 1” at the end and finish off the end using a calotte and attach a jump ring.  Repeat this step using ceramic bead and size 11 seed beads. Attach all three bracelets together using a jump ring at the other end.

Step 4

Now attach 5 to 7 jump rings to one end of the jump rings to form an extender chain.  Thread two headpins with 4mm round, 6mm round, ceramic bead, 6mm round and a 4mm round. Create a loop at the end of your headpin and attach a jump ring.

Step 5

Connect both beaded headpins to the end of the extender chain.

Well done! You are now the proud owner of a beautiful multi-strand bracelet