Cathedral Window Earrings |

Cathedral Window Earrings

Step 1

Take 5 of your smaller blue beads and thread each one onto its own eyepin. Trim the pin and turn a loop to make 5 bead charms. Do the same with one of your larger blue beads on its own eyepin.

If you don't know how to turn a loop, watch this quick video tutorial here.

Step 2

Take two of your smaller blue beads on pins and attach them together with a jumpring. Onto one end of this, attach a feather charm with a jumpring. Onto the other end, add a jumpring and link this to one of the bottom left or right petals on your flower charm. Make sure the loop of the flower charm is at the top. 

Step 3

Repeat the last step to link two of your small blue beads together and add a feather charm at the bottom. Attach this to the other side of your flower charm.

Step 4

Onto the centre petal on your flower charm, attach a small blue bead and the larger blue bead on the pin. Link a feather charm at the bottom like before. See the main project image to see how your earring should look and where the beads should be placed.

Step 5

Finally, take a jumpring and attach this to the loop on your earwire. Take a second jumpring and attach this to the last ring and the loop on the top of your flower charm. This should allow your earring to sit correctly when you wear it. 

Repeat the steps to make your second earring.