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Captured Bead Earrings p.21

Information about this project

Difficulty: Intermediate


Please Note: This is an old project. Some of the items used for this project may be discontinued, but archived for inspiration.

Step 1

Create a captured seed bead by threading on to an eyepin and making an eye either side. Thread one eye onto a large jump ring and bring it to the bottom of the jump ring. Thread the other eye on and close the ring, so the bead is captured inside it.

Step 2

Link two small rings to the captured bead, placing one either side of the eyepin. Use one small ring to catch these two small rings and attach to the earwire.

Step 3

Make a second captured bead, and link to the first using 2 small rings either side of the pins. Place a bead on a small ring & link this to the bottom captured bead with two small rings, either side of the pin. Repeat to make second earring.