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Bronze Orion Bracelet

Information about this project

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


This is the perfect project for beginner beaders! Make a metallic bracelet with a fun hopscotch pattern using new orion beads and half tile beads from Preciosa.

Step 1

Cut a double arm span of thread and thread on 12 seed beads to the centre. Pass your needle back through the beads again and the next seed bead to make a loop. 

Step 2

Now attach a needle to the other thread too. Thread on a seed bead onto both of the threads.Now thread on three seed beads on either side.

Step 3

To start your pattern on BOTH sides, pass the needles through a half tile, orion bead, half tile, orion bead until you have used 19 half tile beads (if you want to make a 7 inch bracelet). 

Step 4

Thread on three seed beads to both sides. Pass both needles through one seed bead. On one strand, add 5 seed beads, your clasp then 6 more seed beads. Pass the needle through the single seed bead you just added.

Step 5

Now weave the threads back through the half tile and continue to mirror the design on either side. To fill in the gaps with seed beads, string on 3 seed beads on both sides after exiting a half tile. The pass the needle through the next half tile. Continue along the bracelet until you reach the end.

Step 6

Weave your threads through the design to reinforce it, tieing a few half-hitch knots along the way. Once you are happy that your design is secure, trim away the tail threads.