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Bright Beaded Necklace - Beginners Jewellery Making Tutorial

Information about project:

Bright Beaded Necklace - Beginners Jewellery Making Tutorial

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Beginner


How to show off your favourite beads? Sometimes, keeping it simple really is the answer. With this in mind, here is a bright and beautiful project for the absolute beginner.

We love the Sea Urchin Beads and were inspired to make something colourful to cheer us up on what was, a very dull day. We love the summery feel of the finished necklace and wanted to share it with you. So... are you ready to make your own? Let's get creative!

You can add all the items you need for the bracelet to your basket by clicking the box in the 'Products used' section above, or you can let your imagination run wild and choose your own materials from the links below. Please note that the colours for the products illustrated in the image above may not match the 'Products Used List':

We believe that jewellery should be as individual as you are and so our tutorials are for inspiration and learning purposes. They include links to the relevant categories for you to choose your own colour combinations and we positively encourage you to experiment with different shapes, sizes, finishes, composition and texture. Why not choose your own beads and colours to achieve something in your own style? Let your creative imagination run wild and make your dream piece of jewellery?!

Designed by Joanne - April 2022

Step 1

Measure your beading wire to suit the length you would like, plus 5 inches for the crimp/clasp section. I used the wire within the Findings Kit  but Surgical Steel Jewellery Wire would work equally well if you have run out.

Add 5 Crimp Beads, the tassel and 5 more crimp beads to the wire and move them to the centre of the wire.

Step 1

Step 2

Ensuring the crimps are snug against the tassel, crimp the 5th bead on each strand.

Step 1

Step 3

Thread both strands through a small spacer bead.

Step 1

Step 4

And then through the Large Urchin Bead.

Step 1

Step 5

Resting the work on your bead tray, allow the strands of wire to naturally show you which way they want to drape.

Add 1 crimp bead, 1 small spacer bead and 1 large spacer bead to both strands.

Step 1

Step 6

Starting with the right hand strand, add 1 blue bead, 1 pink bead and a further 24 blue beads.

You may want to add less or indeed more of the blue beads, depending on where you would like the fan to sit when the necklace is complete. Hold it up to yourself to help you decide.

Add 1 large spacer bead, 1 small spacer bead, 1 crimp bead, 1 small spacer bead and another crimp bead.

Step 1

Step 7

Add a 10mm jumpring and feed the wire back through the beads added in the previous step.

Step 1

Step 8

using your piers to hold the wire where it exits the last crimp bead and pick up your work so that the whole thing is off the beading tray.

Sitting the tip of your pliers against the last crimp bead, pull the loose end of the wire so that all the beads sit snugly together.

Whilst it is important that the beads sit snug against each other, it is also important to have a small bit of room amongst them. If they are too tight, the wire will be under too much pressure and your necklace will not last long.

Step 1

Step 9

When you are happy with the tension, squash both crimp beads. 

Double crimping in this way will give extra security to what will be, quite a heavy necklace.

Step 1

Step 10

Repeat for the left side of the necklace but with the colours in reverse (1 pink, 1 blue and 24 pink).

When you get to the end, this time add a smaller jumpring from the kit and attach a lobster clasp.

Step 1

Step 11

And it is ready to wear!

Step 1