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'Boho Princess' Necklaces | Festival Jewellery 🌸

Information about project:

'Boho Princess' Necklaces | Festival Jewellery 🌸

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make these 'Boho Princess' Layered Necklaces using a pretty Opalite Chakra Pendant and Sterling Silver charms, chain and findings.

Step 1

For the longest necklace, take your 18" chain and thread on your opalite chakra pendant. 

Step 2

For the next necklace, take your 16" chain and thread on a jumpring. 
Attach your flower coin connector charm to this jumpring and attach two jumprings onto each of the bottom loops.
Attach two stars to the lowest jumprings.

Step 3

For the shortest silver necklace, cut your chain to approx 11" or whatever length comfortable fits around your neck, including the clasp. 
Attach a jumpring to both loops on your hand charm.
Thread these onto the chain so the chain threads behind the charm. 
Add a calotte or use a crimp bead to create a loop at the end of the chain that your clasp can attach to. 

Step 4

For the seed bead choker, cut a length of elastic a bit longer than needed to fit comfortably around your neck, thread on your seed beads and attach jumprings from your sterling silver clasp with crimp beads.