Learn how to make the Boho Glam Wrap Bracelets | Beads Direct

Boho Glam Wrap Bracelets | Festival Jewellery 🌸

Step 1

Cut a length of cord that comfortably wraps around your wrist 3 or 4 times.
If you want a tight wrap bracelet, make sure your two cord ends only just touch on the underside of your wrist. 

Step 2

Thread on your titanium plated charm carrier. 

Step 3

When you are happy with the length of the cord, glue your cord into your magnetic clasp ends, this will lengthen the bracelet by a couple of milimetres. Leave for a minute or two to dry. 

Step 4

Open a jumpring and connect your carrier to your rivoli charm setting. Glue in your chosen rivoli and leave to dry.