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Boho Beaded Belt

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Boho Beaded Belt

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Antique Silver Lobster Clasp 10x18mm Pk2
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"X" Silver Plated Soldered Rings 15mm Pk5
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Gold 1/2 Coated Essential Crystal Glass Faceted Rondelle Beads 6mm 16"Strand
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Boho Beaded Belt

Difficulty: Beginner


Beaded belts are springing up all over the High Street. Now you can create you very own using stunning crystal beads and charms of your choice for a real personal touch.


You may want to use the fantastic 1-Step Looper to make this project easier!

Step 1

Please note - You may need to adjust the lengths of your chain if you require a larger size than a UK 14, or smaller than a UK 8. Measure your hips to the widest point if you are unsure and divide into 60% and 40% lengths.

Start by cutting one piece of chain approximately 40 cms long and attach to a large soldered ring with 2 jumprings. Attach a jumpring and a lobster clasp to the opposite side of the chain to the large ring.

Step 2

On the other side of the ring, attach approximately 60 cms of chain and 2 jumprings (one small, one large).

Step 3

Now you have the basic structure for the belt,  you can begin to add your beaded strands. Thread approximately 28 cms of crystal beads onto wire (mix all of your crystal beads up). Attach with a crimp to the soldered ring on one side, and crimp into a jumpring attached onto the chain on the other side,

Step 4

The second strand sits underneath the first strand and needs to be slightly larger. Thread on crystals to approximately 40 cms of wire. Add in crystal drops at even marks to create the pattern as seen in the picture. Crimp on both sides, one onto the soldered ring and the other onto a jumpring attached to the chain (further along than the first strand of beads).

Step 5

To create the 'dangles'  on the focal ring;  

Charm dangle - Thread 6 crystal beads onto a headpin, trim and loop both ends. Attach this dangle to a large jumpring, then your charm (attached with 2 smaller jumprings). Use a large jumpring to attach this to the soldered ring.  

Crystal drop dangle - Thread 6 crystal beads onto a headpin, trim and loop both ends. Repeat this once and attach the two pieces together. Add a drop crystal bead using a small piece of wire and two crimp beads forming a small loop. Attach the drop with a small jumpring. Attach the newly joined pieces to a large jumpring and add to the large ring.