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Boho Bag Charm

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Boho Bag Charm

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Rose Gold Plated Steel Chain 2x3mm 1metre
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X-Rose Gold Plated Swivel Hook Lobster Clasp 31.5mm Pk1
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X Rose Gold Plated Brass Jump Rings 4.5mm 0.8mm gauge Pk100
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Gold Plated Fold Over Small Cord Ends 3x10mm Pk10
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"X" Black Faux Fur Pom Pom Ball Charm with Gold Loop 16mm Pk2
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Information about project:

Boho Bag Charm

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make an eye-catching charm for your favourite handbag using a mix of pom poms, tassels and our new craft feathers for extra movement and texture.

Step 1

Trim the end of your feather and place into the fold over cord end. Close the cord end using flat nose pliers, you may want to place a small amount of glue in the cord end for that added security.

Step 2

Attach the feather to your swivel keyring clasp using a jump ring, keep the jump ring open so that you can add the next design to it.

Step 3

Thread 8 faceted beads onto an eyepin, trim any excess wire and create a loop at one end, thread another 8 beads onto an eyepin and attach the eyepins together. Now attach the tassel charm onto one end of the eyepin using a jump ring.

Step 4

Attach the opposite end of the eyepin onto the jump ring which you have kept open.

Step 5

Cut 6mm of chain, attach the layered tassel at the end of the chain using a jump ring. Attach a tassel to the centre of your chain, attach your pom pom near the top of your chain. Place the last link in the chain through the jump ring which is attached to the swivel keyring clasp.

Step 6

Now close the jump ring to finish your design.