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Blushing Clouds Bracelets

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Blushing Clouds Bracelets

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Grey Silk Crepe Ribbon 25mm 80cm Length
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Gold Plated/Grey Enamel Round Cupchain 8.5mm Pre Cut 20cm
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Blushing Clouds Bracelets

Difficulty: Beginner


Go for a soft and feminine look, using grey with rose gold components from the Winter Clearance Sale!

Step 1

To make the enamel cupchain bracelets, attach a jumpring to a lobster clasp and loop this through the end of the cupchain through the two holes. Attach a jumpring to the other end.

Step 2

Fold the silk ribbon in half and attach the angel charm to one third of the way from the fold with a jumpring. Loop the centre-point of the ribbon around your index finger. Holding the ends in your other hand and twist the two ribbons together by turning your finger in circles. Once the ribbons are twisted together remove your finger and keep hold of the loop. Take the ends of the ribbon and pass them through the loop and tie in a knot against your wrist.