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Blue Leather Wrap Enchanted Jewels

Information about this project

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


Take your 'Take a Make Break' design one step further with the Blue Leather Wrap Enchanted Jewels Bracelet.

Step 1

Cut approx. 80cm worth of leather, fold this in half and tie a knot.

The loop you have created needs to be big enough to fit over a rivioli crystal end bead.

Step 2

Using approx. 1.5 metre of shamballa fashion cord (nylon waxed cord) thread it through the centre of the 2 leather strands and tie a knot (you should now have 2 strands of shamballa fashion cord measuring about the same length)

Step 3

Thread the right hand side shamballa fashion cord OVER the first leather strand and UNDER the second leather cord.

Step 4

Pick up the original left hand side shamballa fashion cord and thread OVER the nearest strand of leather and UNDER the furthest strand of leather. The right hand cord stays where it is.

Step 5

Repeat Step 3 and 4, 7 times.

Step 6

Place the cup chain beneath the shamballa fashion cord. (The cup chain base we used will need cutting to size and the clasp/extension chain taking off)

Step 7

Thread the right hand cord over the leather and then diagonally across the inside of the cupchain and then under the left hand leather.
Thread the left hand cord over the leather and then diagonally across the inside of the cupchain and then under the right hand leather.

Step 8

Your now, right hand cord needs to go OVER the right leather cord, UNDER the cupchain and UNDER the left cord.

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Move on to the cord you haven't used and go OVER the left strand of leather, OVER the cup chain and UNDER the furthest right strand of leather. You have now completed a full knot.

Step 9

Repeat step 8 once more.

Step 10

Repeat step 7-9 until you are happy with the length of your bracelet.

Step 11

Replicate this technique by following Step 3 and 4. Once complete knot the ends of the Shamballa Fashion cord and time the excess.

Step 12

Thread both pieces of leather through the slider and tie a knot, securing the rivioli setting.

Step 13

Place a Swarovski Elements Chaton into the first cup of the bracelet setting.

When in place, use pliers to close the teeth on the setting.

Repeat until you have added a crystal chaton to each setting cup.

Step 14

Glue the cord ends on to the leather cord.