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Blossoms Bar Bracelet

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Blossoms Bar Bracelet

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Blossoms Bar Bracelet

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Intermediate


Design a cute floral macrame bracelet with a stamped bar connector in the centre and plaited cords.

Step 1

To begin, take your strip of metal and punch a hole in either end using your ImpressArt Hole Punch Pliers. Try and make each hole as central on the strip as possible and position them approx. 1.5mm from the ends. 

Step 2

Take your Impressart 6mm Simple Strike Jig and place in one of your chosen flower stamps. Position your strip of metal on your hammer block and tape it to the surface to hold it in place if you want to. 

Stamp your flowers randomly along the bangle, swapping the stamps in the jig when you want to use a different shape. Make sure to strike downwards to get an even stamp. Try turning your stamp to create flowers positioned at different angles.

Step 3

Once you are happy with your stamp marks, use your ImpressArt marker pen to colour over the surface of the metal. Leave this for a couple of minutes to dry and wipe off the excess on top of the metal to leave your stamped shapes filled with the ink. Fill in any gaps that may have been missed and wipe off the excess again. Place your metal bar to one side. 

Step 4

Take your cord and cut 3 lengths measuring approx. 20" each. Knot them together at one end. Secure this to a soft work surface (like your bead board) with a pin and plait the 3 strands together. 

Step 1

Step 5

Continue to plait until you have plaited approx. 13" of cord. Without letting your plait unravel, thread all 3 cords through one of the holes on your metal bar. Knot the ends together once you've threaded it through and trim off the excess after the knot. Pull the plaited cord through the hole until you have an equal amount on each side.

Repeat step 3 and 4 and attach a second plaited cord to the other end of your metal bar. 

Step 1

Step 6

Take both pairs of cords and place them side by side as shown in the image. Pin them in place.

Step 1

Step 7

Take a new 15" length of cord and thread it under the 4 crossed plaited cords between the pins on the image.

Follow the diagrams to make a full macrame knot.

1. Take your left hand cord over the centre cords. Next take your right hand cord and place it over the left cord. Move the right cord under the centre cord, and up through the middle of the loop on the left side. 

2. Pull the threads to finish one half of your knot.

3. Repeat the process on the opposite side - start by crossing the right hand cord over the middle cords. Take the left cord over the right 

4. Take the left cord under the centre cord and up through the loop on the right side. 

5. Pull the knot to finish 1 full square knot.

Complete the above steps approx. 10 times.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 8

Secure the ends with a drop of glue, being careful not to glue the sliding knot to the centre cords running through it (otherwise it will not be able to slide and adjust). Try gently pulling the centre cords through the sliding knot while the glue dries. Trim the ends so the sliding knot is neat.

Your bracelet is ready to wear! You can mould the bracelet bar to curve it slightly once you're wearing it.

Step 1