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Blackberry Shine Collection

Step 1


Link your three connector charms together with jumprings.
Glue in your amethyst coloured flat backs, one on each side of each charm (total of 6).
Once dry, knot a short length of elastic to one end of your connectors. 
Thread on approx. 15 pearl beads and knot the other end of the elastic to the other side of the connectors. 
Add a drop of glue to secure and trim the tail when its dry. 

Step 2


Take 5 charm settings and glue in amethyst coloured and crystal AB effect flat backs. You should use a total of 10 flat backs.
Once dry, attach to loops on your ring base using jumprings. 

Step 3


Glue 2 jet black flat backs onto a charm setting and a connector.
Attach these together using a jumpring and finally attach the free loop on your connector to your earwire.
Repeat for the second earring.