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Black Widow Spike Stretch Bracelet

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Black Widow Spike Stretch Bracelet

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Black Widow Spike Stretch Bracelet

Difficulty: Beginner


Be on trend this season with the 'Black Widow Spike Bracelet'. This light-weight stretch spike bracelet looks fantastic and feels even better on. Give it a go and make your spike bracelet today.

Step 1

Whist the elastic is still on the reel start threading on the beads in the following order, 5 snowflake spacer beads, 1  triple stud spike, 5 snowflake spacer beads.

Step 2

Then thread on as many spikes so that it will fit your wrist, (I used 14, which fits a 5 1/2" to a 6 1/2" wrist).

Step 3

Once happy with the size tie it off with a double knot. For extra security thread the elastic through twice and add a dab of nail varnish on the knot. Then thread the elastic through the bottom holes and add the snowflake beads to mirror the other snowflake beads, repeating the above.