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Black Shamballa Fashion Ring

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Black Shamballa Fashion Ring

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Black Shamballa Fashion Ring

Designed by: Leah Connolly


You will need:

1x  1mm Shamballa Fashioned Cord
1x 10mm Shamballa Fashioned bead silver
1x Glue or a Thread Zapper

Step 1. Cut approximately a 10cm piece of cord and thread on your bead. Place your bead in the centre of the cord.  Then mould this piece of cord around your finger to determine the size of the ring. You will to need to make your ring 2mm larger, than the actual size of your finger. This is because the square knots you make will make the ring smaller.


Step 2. Once you’ve decide how big you want your ring to be, tie a basic knot (See diagram). Cut any excess cord.


Step3.  Cut approx.30cm of cord and use it as your ‘outer cord’ Start square knotting around the ring. (You will also need to square knot over the knot you created originally). To learn how to make square knots you can download our Shamballa Fashion Bracelet instructions.  Alternatively you can watch or video tutorial on how to make square knots.

Step 4. Then either cut the excess cord and finish the ends with a thread zapper or glue.