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Black Leather and Crystal Bracelet

Black Leather and Crystal Bracelet

Black Leather and Crystal Bracelet

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Step 1

Cut two 100cm pieces of leather cord.
Form a horseshoe shape right at the mid-point - ensure you have an equal amount of cord either side of the curve.
Use a piece of sticky tape to hold the curve in place.
Thread a needle with 70cm thread and knot it to the inner curved cord.
Pass the thread under both cords, string a bead and position so it sits between the cords.
Pass the needle back through the bead.
Make sure that the needle passes above the cords otherwise the bead will not be secured.

Step 2

Attach ten more beads in the same way shuffling them around.
After exiting the eleventh bead, string another bead and pass the needle across and into the first bead.
Pull tight and pass the needle back through the three beads.
Secure the thread to the bead work, add a dab of glue to the knots then weave both free ends into the horseshoe shape and trim.

Step 3

Cut a 120cm piece of thread and knot to either of the outside cords.
It doesn’t matter if you work from left to right or right to left.
With the thread positioned under the cords, string three beads and position them between each cord.
Pass the needle back through the beads with the thread going over the top of the cords.

Step 4

Repeat as many times as desired – work at least 30 rows then check the fit around your wrist to get the right size.
Each time you add a group of three beads begin with the thread under the cords.
For the last row add a single bead on one side, work the thread through the previous row then add the other one.
To secure, knot the thread to your work, add a dab of glue to the knot then weave the thread back through the beadwork before trimming off the excess.

Step 5

Turn the bracelet so that the unbeaded cords are nearest to you.
To finish this end of the bracelet you’ll need knot the cords together using a single square knot as used in Shamballa-style jewellery.
Take the left hand cord, pass it OVER both central ones and UNDER the right hand cord.
Make sure to keep a loop on the left hand side.

Step 6

Now take the right-hand cord and pass it UNDER the cord you just moved and both central cord.
Bring it UP thorough the loop on the left hand side.
Pull the two ends of the cords evenly to tighten the knot around the two middle ones.
This is the first half of the square knot.

Step 7

The second half of the square knot is formed in a similar way but in reverse.
So, take the right-hand cord OVER the two middle cords and UNDER the left hand cord – make sure you keep a loop on the right hand side.

Step 8

Take left hand cord UNDER the cord you just moved and the two middle cords.
Bring it UP through the loop on the right hand side.

Step 9

Pull the ends of the cord evenly to tighten and complete the square knot.
To prevent the knot undoing add strong glue to the knot and allow to dry completely.  
Once dry trim off the excess cord either side of the knot.

Step 10

Thread the button onto one of the middle strands.
Keep the loop loose as you position the button.
Once you’re happy you can pull the cord tight and the button will remain firmly in place.
You can glue the button if you wish, however if you leave it unglued the button can easily be moved making the bracelet adjustable.

Step 11

To finish the ends off you can either trim them right back, or as shown here knot them together.
If you’d like to keep the tails add a single knot on the end of each and trim back the spare cord.
To wear, push the button through the loop and allow the tails to show from under the band.

Step 12

For extra bling add montes along the band.
Stitching them in place by passing through the channel in the back and through the silver beads on the band.
You can stitch each one on individually or, after each monte, work the thread through the beadwork and add the next one.

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