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Black and Gunmetal Hematite Necklace

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Black and Gunmetal Hematite Necklace

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Black and Gunmetal Hematite Necklace

Designed by: Leah Connolly


What you will need... 

1x Black Waxed Nylon Cord 1.5mm [TC376]
1x Faceted Gunmetal Hematite 10mm [EX12]
1x Purple and White 10mm Premium Shamballa Fashion Bead [MB265]
1x Gunmetal 10mm Essential Shamballa Fashion Bead [MBJ05] 
  1. Measure 85cm of cord and tie a knot at one end. Then thread on 1 hematite bead and tie another knot roughly 10cm from the other knot.
  2. Tape the cord to a work surface or pin onto a beading mat to hold the necklace in place.
  3. Cut approx. 600 cm of cord and tie onto the cord next to the second knot.

Now begin your macramé braid:


To create a complete square knot, each complete knot consists of two knots, one forward and one back. The knots are made around the centre cord.

A forward knot is created by making a backwards D shape with the left hand cord, the right hand cord then goes under the cross where the left hand cord touches the centre cord. Pull this through tight. The right hand cord is now the left hand cord and the left hand is the right hand cord. Then create a backward knot by creating a normal D shape with the right hand cord, and then putting the left hand cord through the cross where the right hand cord touches the centre cord. Pull the cord tightly through.

You have now completed one square knot.


  1. Continue your braid until you have completed approx 35 complete knots. Now thread on a faceted hematite bead and continue knotting around the bead, making sure the bead is kept tightly in place.
  2. After you have tied 3 complete knots after threading on the bead, thread on your next faceted hematite bead. Continue this pattern (1 bead, 3 knots etc.) until you have threaded 6 faceted hematite beads.
  3. Keeping the pattern the same, change the bead to a round Shamballa style, then add the two tone Shamballa style, then the other round Shamballa style bead. Then carry on the pattern but go back to adding hematite, add 6 more so it matches the other side. Once you have added these continue with 35 complete knots to match the other side.
  4. Now finish the end of the cord you are knotting with by knotting or burning the ends with a thread zapper to secure.
  5. Thread a cord end bead on to the other end of the centre cord and knot the end of the cord. Check its length against the other section of cord with the cord end bead; adjust the ends so that each is the same length.
  6. You now need to create a sliding knot using approx. 35cm of cord. Place each of the cord ends side by side with the cord ends opposite each other. Tie square knots as before, except this time tie around the two 2 centre cords. Keep your tension slightly looser to help the knot slide easily. When you have tied approx.. 7 square knots, finish by knotting or using the thread zapper.