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Birds Of A Feather Necklace

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Birds Of A Feather Necklace

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Birds Of A Feather Necklace

Difficulty: Intermediate


This beautiful necklace mixes high quality aquamarine with crackle crystal to echo the appearance of a sky full of fluffy clouds. Birds create the main theme, taken through the innovative bird toggle clasp to the main focal pendant. Branch connector charms add the finishing touch and bestselling snowflake spacer beads complete the look. Aquamarine can compliment almost any eye or skin colour and symbolises harmony and friendship, which furthers the theme 'birds of a feather'. 

Create this necklace by following the simple steps below. Why not create it as a special gift for a friend?

Step 1

Cut a piece of wire approx. 25cm long and attach a necklace end using a crimp bead. Thread on 3 crackle crystal beads followed by a snowflake spacer bead, then add 5 aquamarine beads interspaced by snowflake spacer beads. Add 3 more crackle crystal beads. Repeat this pattern until you have added 4 aquamarine sections and finish with 3 more crackle crystal beads. Add another necklace end.

Step 2

Repeat this process to create a matching piece for the other side. Attach the leaf connector the other way up so the curve suits the curve of the necklace. Attach the opposite ends to the clasp using jump rings.

Step 3

Cut a piece of wire approx 15cm long and attach to the loose end of one of the leaf connector bars using a necklace end. Thread on 3 crackle crystal beads followed by 1 aquamarine bead and repeat until you have added 3 aquamarine beads. Add another 3 crackle crystal beads.

Step 4

Attach a jump ring to the pendant and thread on to the wire. Now repeat the pattern of beads in step 3 to match the other side. Finish with a necklace end and attach to the connector. To finish, use headpins to dangle some of your spare beads at the top and the bottom of the pendant.