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Berry Burst Bracelet

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Berry Burst Bracelet

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Satin Cord 0.5mm Purple 5m
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x Czech Fire Polished 4mm Iris Purple Pk100
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Berry Burst Bracelet

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


This lovely Berry Burst Bracelet is glitzy and glamorous, perfect for the party season!

How to Wrap

Step 1

Cut a piece of waxed cotton cord to approx. 150cm and a piece of the satin cord to approx. 250cm.

Step 2

Take the waxed cotton cord and thread on the button so it sits in the centre. Bring the cord down so that your piece is now in half.

Step 3

Take the satin cord and tie an over hand knot close to the button and so the satin cord is knotted within.

Step 4

Wrap the stain cord over the left hand waxed cord and thread onto the satin cord and thread on your first bead. Then knot the cord onto the right hand side waxed cord so the bead stays securely in place. To do the knot - the satin cord goes over the waxed cord making a loop, the satin cord then wraps through this loop and pulled tight.

Step 5

Wrap the satin cord over the right hand waxed cord and thread on the next bead, knotting the satin cord onto the left hand side waxed cord the same way as in the precious step.

Step 6

Continue adding the beads like above until your bracelet is its desired length. We used 132 4mm beads for a 3 wrap design.

Step 7

Tie an overhand knot and trim any excess satin cord, leaving the waxed cord. Leave a small gap (approx.1cm) that will fit over the button and tie another overhand knot. Approx. 5mm from this tie an overhand knot on each piece of cord and trim the excess.

Step 8

Use a jump ring to attach your chosen charm to the button loop.