Belle Silver Necklace

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What you will need...

2x Silver Connector [CR181]

1x Silver Heart [CR184]
1x Silver Chain [CH1023]
1x Silver Jumpring [F1159]
1x Silver Pinch Bail [F395]
1x Blue Zircon Chaton [AC1001]
1x Clear Chaton [AC996]
1x Blue Zircon Heart [AC845]
1x Hypo Cement Glue [W139]

This Belle necklace is simple to make and easy to wear. The elegant design is delicate and sophisticated with a touch of sparkle to catch your eye, or someone else’s! This dangly necklace with blue zircon inset crystals and crystal heart would look great worn with black, grey, or even denim. Feel the love in the air as you Take a Make Break this weekend.

Step 1:  Cut a piece of chain approx. 37cm long and use jump rings to attach connectors to either end.

Step 2: Cut 2 pieces of chain, each 7 links long. Use a jump ring to attach to the free loop on the connectors already attached to your chain.  Follow with another connector after each chain.

Step 3: Now cut 2 pieces of chain, each 15 links long. Attach one each side below the connectors and then join together with a jump ring.

Step 4: Place a pinch bail on to the blue zircon heart and close with pliers. Use another jump ring to attach the silver and blue zircon heart to the ring that joins your chain together.

Step 5: Use Hypo Cement glue to set a Swarovski Elements Chaton in Blue Zircon into one of the connectors closes to the heart. Repeat this process, adding a Swarovski Elements Chaton in Crystal Clear to the other connector nearest to the heart.

Step 6: Repeat step 5, swapping the chaton colours to the opposite side. Leave the glue to dry.