Belle Gold Bracelet

Information about this project


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What you will need...

2x Gold Connector [CR189]
1x Gold Heart [CR209]
1x Gold Chain [CH1008]
1x Gold Jumpring [F1210]
1x Gold Lobster Clasp [F329]
1x Gold Headpin [F1031]
1x Jet Chaton [AC999]
1x Smoked Topaz Chaton [AC1004]
2x Jet Wild Heart Bead [AC813]
1x Hypo Cement Glue [W139]

This golden Belle bracelet matches our Belle necklace design. The elegant design is delicate, rich and warm with a touch of exotic sparkle to catch your eye, or someone else’s as you reach for their hand this Valentine’s Day! This charming bracelet with smoked topaz inset crystals and a jet wild heart would look great worn with black, cream or brown. Feel the love in the air as you Take a Make Break this weekend.

Step 1: Using chain and connectors, create two lengths of approx. 15cm. Each length should have 2 connectors within that length. You can choose how much chain you put either side and between the connectors as long as the total length is approx. 15cm.

Step 2: Glue a jet chaton and a smoky quartz chaton into one connector on each length you have created. Repeat this with the jet chatons, filling the other 2 connectors. Leave the glue to dry.

Step 3: Join these 2 lengths of chain together at each end using jump rings. Add a lobster clasp to one end and another piece of chain with a gold heart charm to the other end.

Step 4: Join the two chain lengths together at intervals using jump rings.

Step 5: Add a jet wild heart bead to a headpin and create a wrapped loop. Repeat this with a second jet wild heart bead and attach these to your bracelet.

TIP: If you’ve made the ‘Belle Gold’ necklace you should have enough chain to create the bracelet too!