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Beaded Owl

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Beaded Owl

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Beaded Owl

Difficulty: Expert


Follow the step by step instructions and make this cute seed bead owl pendant or brooch, designed by Daria Strel'chenko and translated into English by avid seed beader Janet Sherret. Once you have learned how to make your owl, why not experiment. You can make them in all sorts of different colours. Thanks Janet for helping us learn how to make this adorable owl!

Step 1

Thread 26 size 11 seed beads (main colour choice) onto 1metre of thread. Push the beads down the thread until you have a tail of approx 8cm. Tie the thread so that you have a circle of beads. Go through one bead. Pick up one bead, miss one bead and go through the next one (peyote) until you have returned to the beginning. Go through the first bead and up through the first bead of the last row so that you will have stepped up.

Step 2

Still using the main colour beads, continue the next row, filling in the spaces you left out. Do the same with the next row but use the contrasting colour of beads this time.

Step 3

The next two rows are the same, but this time using the size 15 seed beads to pull the circle inwards.

Step 4

Insert the rivoli into the circle facing forward. Bring the thread through the beads into a bead which is raised and fill in the spaces as before with two or three rows of size 15 seed beads. I sew through the last row of raised beads if possible to secure and tighten.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1-4 with the other Rivoli to make the owl's eyes.

Step 6

Cut a piece of beading foundation into a rectangle of approx size 6cm x 4.5cm. Place an eye onto it near the top with a gap of 1cm at the top. Stitch the eye onto the foundation by sewing down, then up through a seed bead, back down and up all the way around the eye so that it is nice and secure. Place the other eye parallel to the first eye and touching as close as possible and attach the same as the first. If you finish a thread, be sure to secure neatly at the back.

Step 7

The little tufts at the top of the head are made using the magatama beads. Place two at the centre top between the eyes slanting in opposite directions and sew firmly onto the foundation. Add another four magatama beads (two on each side of the first two) making sure that the slant points in the right directions. Secure and sew through them all several times. Next is the owl's beak. Using a two hole bead, position it between the bottom of the eyes. Stitch on securely making sure it is in a good position.

Step 8

Using back stitch (two beads first, go back through them add two beads go back through three, repeat the second part) stitch a row of the main colour around the eyes, between the beak and tufts.

Step 9

He is now ready to get a body!
Using a pencil mark dots measuring 3cm across and two and a half cm down then join up.

Step 10

Bead around this drawn line using backstitch.

Step 11

Now add a row beneath the eyes (two small rows either side of the beak).

Step 12

You are ready to fill in his body. Using back stitch alternate the colours so put two different colours of bead on the needle before adding to the body. Go back and forth along the body trying to make sure that the different colours sit underneath each other. This gives it a feathery look!

Step 13

When you have around three rows left put about third of the row in main the middle third contrasting and the last third main. Repeat with the second last row then finish with a row of main. Check to see if there are odd little spaces that might need filled in with a bead. The bit below his tufts usually needs one.

Step 14

Cut very carefully around the shape, leaving around 1mm around the edge. Make sure you aren't cutting the needlework. This is a good time to cut out the shape from the backing material using him as a template.

Step 15

Bring the needle through the owl at the bottom of the first bead you added to make the body, add a main size 11 seed bead go up through the first bead and down again through the bead you added. Pick up a two holed bead and go up through the second bead of the body and back down through the two holed bead. Pick up another two holed bead and go up through the third bead of the body and down through the two holed bead. Repeat with the next bead of the body and another two holed bead. This forms the first wing. Continue in ladder stitch down the side of the owl below the wing adding size 11 main beads. Judge where you want your first foot to go and add 3 two hole beads as you did with the wing. Add more size 11 seed beads and then add your second foot. Try to have the same amount of beads between the wings and feet by counting back. It looks really neat if it is even. Sew through the beads and attach the bead above each wing to a bead under the eye for a neat finish.

Step 16

Cut a small oval of card and glue to the back of the owl. Let it dry.

Step 17

Sew a brooch back onto your backing material (or a closed ring if making him into a pendant) glue the backing material onto the card and owl and let dry.

Step 18

Finish off with a neat row of blanket stitch around the edge of the owl and secure well.