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Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Step 1

Main Looming - Using your toho size 11 beads.

Using the following row count will give a cuff of approximately 6 ½ inches. This does not include the clasp. If you require a longer cuff you will need to add more rows to the beginning and end of the cuff. For example, 8 rows at the beginning and 8 rows at the end. If you try to alter the central part of the cuff this will affect the placing of the ceramic beads in the middle, it is easier to add at either end.

Step 2

Warp your loom with 16 threads. The cuff is 15 beads wide so you will need 16 warp threads. 

Thread your needle with a good arm’s length of thread and tie your working tread onto the far left warp with a single knot. Leave a tail of around 6 inches.

Take your needle under the warp threads and pick up your first row of beads (15 beads).

Using your finger place 1 bead in between each warp thread and hold in place.

Step 3

Taking the needle above the warp threads go back through all the beads.

Pull the thread through so that the beads snug up together. You do not need to pull them tight.

Repeat this for the next 4 rows of looming. Do not try and push them together tightly, this is not necessary. They just need to touch lightly together.

Step 4

You should now have 5 rows of looming completed. What you will do now is the outside edges of the loom base. This is going to be adding 3 beads at a time.

Starting on the left pick up the first 3 beads of your pattern and add them to the warps. This is going to mean taking your needle up through the threads between warps 4 and 5. Hold the beads in place and go back through them above the warps. Do this for 60 rows, do not finish the thread off. Do the same for the right hand side of the piece by adding the beads to the last 3 rows of warp threads.

Step 5

When you have finished the sides you are going to loom the top 5 rows.

Using your thread from the left hand side go under all the warp threads and add the 15 beads for the next row. Loom as you did for the beginning 5 rows.

When you have finished these last 5 rows you are going to have the outline of the looming looking like a picture frame.

The looming part of this cuff is finished so you can remove it from the loom and think about finishing the ends off. This is the part most people dread but with a little practice and perseverance it need not be that way.

Step 6

The Ends 

The order in which you finish the ends off is not important but you do need to be careful when cutting the threads.

Re-weaving is how this cuff is finished and is worth persevering with as it gives a clean finished edge to your loom-work.

The threads in the centre will need to be cut across in the middle so that you can weave them back into the beads.

Step 7

Thread one of the ends onto a needle and skipping over the top of the first row of beads you are going to pick up the threads in-between the beads for the next 3 rows.

Pull the thread through the beads. It is important that the first row is skipped over as this row will stop the thread from pulling all the way out.

Step 8

Next go through 3 beads to the left or right of where the thread emerges. . You can now remove the ends by either cutting them or thread zapping them.

Step 9

This is basically how to finish off those ends. Not too difficult but more time consuming. Just remember that you MUST skip over the first row of beads and you will be fine.

When all the ends are completed you cuff will look like a picture frame. We are now ready to embellish the cuff.

Step 10

Embellishing the cuff

The first stage is to add the central beads into the cuff. I added them in the following order. 4mm Rose gold bead – 12mm Ceramic bead – 4mm Rose gold bead. Evenly space the beads out along the length of the channel and stich in place by going back and forth through the two side pieces of the loom work. There are 60 beads in the central channel so I spaced them approximately every 6 beads.

The top edge of the cuff was embellished using a picot edge of a 15’o seed bead – drop bead – 15’o seed bead.

The fringe was beaded using a 1 to 4 ratio of beads.

6 seed beads – 4mm rose gold bead – 8mm Ceramic bead – 4mm rose gold bead – drop bead.

9 seed beads – drop bead

9 seed beads – drop bead

9 seed beads – drop bead

9 seed beads – drop bead

Repeat using the 1 to 4 ratio for the fringing until finished.

Add the clasp.