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Beaded Christmas Tree

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Beaded Christmas Tree

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Copper Craft Wire Leaf Green 3014 0.5mm 25m Reel
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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 1g Tube
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Miyuki Cube Beads 4mm Colour Lined Lime Green 10g
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Miyuki Cube Beads 4mm Silver-Lined Green 10g
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Beaded Christmas Tree

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create a truly stunning Christmas decoration! This is a great to use up your leftover green seed beads, if you do not have any we have loads for you to choose from.

Step 1

  1. Thread a mixture of green seed beads onto green wrapping wire. Leave a small amount of wire either side to coil around the wire tree frame. Adjust amount of seed beads and wire needed depending on the length of the wire arm on the tree. Spiral the wire around the arm. Repeat this for each arm on the wire tree frame. 

Step 2

Use Fevi Kwik and wire cutters to cut cupchain down to 3-4 crystals in length and glue onto the centre wire of the tree frame all the way up. Do this on both sides of the frame. 

Step 3

Repeat all steps so that you have 2 completed tree frames.

Step 4

Slot both frames together so that they stand at a right-angle to each other. Carefully use the green wrapping wire to wrap the frames together, minding to go in between the cupchain crystals for added security. Keep wrapping until both pieces are together sturdily.

Step 5

You may wish to either carefully bend the bottom arms so that the tree stands alone, or you can add ribbon to the top to make a gorgeous hanging decoration. 

Step 6

For baubles on the tree, thread one bead onto headpin. Use a Looper or pliers to create a half-open loop. Place onto the beaded tree and carefully close the loop.