Baroque Crystal Jewellery Set |

Baroque Crystal Jewellery Set

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Baroque Crystal Jewellery Set

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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion 4mm Crystal Clear AB Pk24
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X Beadalon Wildfire Thread 0.006" (0.15mm) Frost 20yards
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Sterling Silver 925 Magnetic Ball Clasp 6mm Pk1
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Sterling Silver 925 Arrow End Headpin 50mm Pk5
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Information about project:

Baroque Crystal Jewellery Set

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this sparkling summer crystal bracelet and earrings set.

Step 1

Bracelet - Cut a length of beading thread measuring 20" and thread a beading needle onto each end.

Thread one side of your magnetic clasp over one needle so that it sits at the centre of your thread.
Bring both of your needles together and thread a bicone, a smaller baroque bead, a bicone and a large baroque bead.

Step 2

Separate your two needles and thread two bicones onto each thread.  Thread both needles through a single smaller baroque bead and thread two bicones onto each like at the beginning of this step.

Step 3

Repeat this, alternating your sizes of baroque beads and filling the gaps with 4 bicone beads.

Step 4

Measure your bracelet against your wrist. To finish your bracelet thread on a single bicone onto both threads, your next size of baroque bead and another single bicone.

Step 5

Pass both threads one way through the other side of your magnetic clasp. Thread your needles back into your bracelet and pull firmly to pull all of your beads together. There shouldn't be any gaps.

Step 6

Continue to thread your cords through your bracelet knotting against your main threads along the way. After each knot, pass your needle through the next bead to hide the knot. You may wish to weave your threads all the way around the bracelet until you think it is secured enough.

Step 7

Earrings - Take a headpin and thread on a small Crystal AB baroque bead, a bicone, a aquamarine baroque bead and a bicone. Trim the top of the headpin down to 1cm above the top bicone.

Step 8

Take your flat nose pliers and bend the pin to a 90 degree angle close above the bead. Take your round nose pliers and turn a loop. Attach your charm to your ear wire and make your second earring.