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'Back in Black' bracelet stack

Step 1

Take an eye pin and theread on a Black round bead, followed by an Opalite and finishing with another Black round Bead. Cut approx 40cm of round Leather. Loop the end of the eye pin arond a jumpring and then around the leather.

Using a jumpring, attach the bail to the end of the eyepin and squeeze onto the Swarovski heart with a pair of pliers.

Glue the ends of the leather onto the magnetic clasp. Leave to dry.  This bracelet will wrap around twice.

Step 2

To make the next bracelet, cut two strands of the round leather approx 20cm long. Glue the ends of each to strand to a magnetic clasps. The magnetic clasps will hold these two bracelets to each other.

Step 3

For the next bracelet, cut another 20cm strand of the round leather. Attach a jumpring to the black tassel and attach to the leather. Glue the ends into a magnetic clasp. Leave to dry.

Step 4

For the next bracelet, cut another two 20cm strands of round leather. Glue the ends of both strands to the Swarovski hook clasp.  Leave to dry.

Step 5

For the final bracelet, cut approx 20cm of the braided leather and glude to the 6mm magnetic clasp. Leave to dry.