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Azure Stars Bracelet

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Difficulty: Beginner


Follow the simple steps to make this 'Azure Stars' bracelet, using the metallic blue snowflake spacer beads and silver star charms.

Step 1

Not cutting the elastic cord off the reel start threading on your snowflake spacer beads.

Step 2

Start threading on 1 star bead, 5 snowflake spacer beads, 1 star bead, 5 snowflake spacer beads, 1 star bead. Then continue with the snowflake spacer beads (1pk is roughly 2.5 inches long when threaded on the elastic) till you reach the desired length to fit your wrist.

Step 3

Bring the bracelet together, tie a double knot in the elastic. You can tie an additional knot over top if you wish. Cut the cord off the reel. For added security add a dab of clear nail varnish over the knots.