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Autumn Loom Pendant

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Autumn Loom Pendant

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Autumn Loom Pendant

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make a pretty beaded pendant using your jewel loom.
Click HERE to download your large loom pattern. 

Step 1

The widest part of the pendant is 25 beads so you will need to warp up with 26 warp threads. Starting with the widest part of the pendant, string on the first rows following the pattern. To decrease the edge of the pendant you will need to wrap the thread around the outer warp and pass back through the first bead.

Step 2

Take the working thread under the first warp and up between the first and second warp threads. Pull excess thread through

Step 3

Thread the needle back through the first bead. Then pass down between the warp threads. Pull excess thread through and you are ready to start the next row.

Step 4

Pick up the next row of beads, remember to come up between the warp threads one row short of the end. All of the decrease rows are worked in this way.

Step 5

Continue the remainder of the pendant in the same way.

Step 6

The tab at the top will be made using a different method, but still on the loom. Thread your needle with a new piece of thread and go through the centre 5 beads of the existing piece of loom work keeping the thread above the warps. Pass the working end down through the warp threads ready to pick up beads.

Step 7

Pull the thread through and leave a 6” tail that will be threaded back through the bead work later. Continue to loom the tab rows being extra careful not to pull the first row too tightly. When the tab is complete you can remove the piece from the loom. You need to weave the thread ends into your work I usually leave the working threads from adding the beads as they can be used for fringe or tab stitching. I NEVER use the warp threads for these.

Step 8

At this stage I use the top thread to stitch down the tab but reweave the bottom thread into the main body. To make the tab at the top you fold the bead work over and stitch the very end down to the main body of work. I also added a loop of beads for the leaf charm to hang from.

Using a jump ring attach the leaf charm to the pendant and thread the chain through the tab to complete your necklace.