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Autumn Collar Necklace

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Autumn Collar Necklace

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KO Beading Thread Black 50m
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Beadsmith Black Sturdy Soutache Beading Foundation 8.5"x11" Pk4
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Black Felt Square Beading Foundation 9"x9" For Soutache Pk1
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Autumn Collar Necklace

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Expert


Learn how to make this beautiful Autumn Collar Necklace using shell pearls, Swarovski Flat Backs and Seed Beads.

A size 12 beading needle will be suitable to use with this design.

Step 1

Click here to print off the template for the collar. Place this on top of the felt and cut around it. Then place this onto of the foundation and cut around it.
Starting sewing the shell pearls (EX3908) around the edge of your collar.

Step 2

Glue the leaves (CR795 & CR904) and Swarovski Flat Back Pearls (HH134) onto the felt.

Step 3

Now sew the Seed Beads (8TR221) onto the felt.

Step 4

To finish your collar necklace, cut two pieces of ribbon (TC1054) measuring 40cm and sew one end onto the back of the felt. Now stitch the foundation onto the back of your necklace around the edges.