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You will need:
2x Preciosa Glass Hearts 18mm (2 pieces) [BG629]
1x Gold Plated Jump rings 4mm (2 jumprings) [F1210]
1x Gold Plated Ear Wire (1 pair) [F1129] [F1082-alternative]
1x Triangle Jumprings (2 jumprings) [F1136]


Step 1. Using the triangle jumpring  [F1210]attach to the hole in the heart. You can gently close the triangle using flat nose pliers. Be careful not to scratch the gold back.

Step 2. Attach 1 gold jumpring [F1136]

Step 3. Attach jumpring to ear wire [F1129]

Step 4.  Repeat Steps 1-3 for your second earring.


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