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Aurora Ice Bracelet in Purple

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Difficulty: Intermediate


bracelet instructions
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Step 1

Place a Swarovski Elements Chaton into the first cup of the bracelet setting. When in place, use pliers to close the teeth on the setting. Repeat until you have added a crystal chaton to each setting cup.

Please note: glue is not necessary, but you could add a dab behind the crystal for an extra secure finish.

Step 2

Lay the cupchain bracelet next to the curb chain. Remove any excess chain links to make the curb chain the same length as the cupchain bracelet.

Step 3

Cut approx. 2m of waxed cotton cord and tie next to the clasp on the cupchain bracelet. Now thread the end of the cord up through the first link of the curb chain, over the top of the cupchain between the first two cups and up through the second link of curb chain. Repeat this until you reach the end of the bracelet.

Step 4

Tie the waxed cotton cord to secure then repeat step 3 in the opposite direction, creating a cross with the cord.

Step 5

Tie the waxed cotton cord to secure at the end. Cut off any excess cord.