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Art Deco Style Earrings

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Art Deco Style Earrings

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Art Deco Style Earrings

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This project has been archived as some items used are no longer stocked. You may find alternatives to use or use it as inspiration.

*Optional: Beadsmith pick-it-up tool [W324]

If you don't use the pick-it-up tool you could use tweezers to position the crystals.

Watch our pick-it-up tool demonstration:

Step 1

Mix two equal parts of the resin clay until they form an even colour. Leave to stand for approx. 10 minutes before working with the clay

Step 2

Take a small ball of clay and place in to the cup of the earring finding. Push outwards until the clay neatly fills the cup. Adjust the amount of clay if necessary.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 to fill the other earring finding and the charm holders.

Step 4

Use the pick-it-up tool or tweezers to pick up the cubic zirconia stone and position them in to the clay. Fill each area with crystals and ensure they are well pressed in to the clay.

Step 5

The clay will harden in the air so leave it for 24 hours. Now use an eyepin to connect the two parts with a pearl in between.